Blue Voyage Special                 Bodrum Based Greek Islands Tour

Bodrum - Kos - Kalymnos - Patmos - Mikonos - Delos - Amorgos - Bodrum

We’re going to sail for an unforgettable adventure starting from the shade of the Bodrum castle where the knights had lived. We’ll stop by island Kos on our way to Mikonos which’s the venue for all the world renowned people. We’ll see the house of Hippokrates, leave the island Kos which’s known as the floating garden and arrive at the island Kalimnos which’s famous for its sponge people. Then, we’ll leave the white houses of Kalymnos and sail for the island Patmos which’s important for religion and culture which’s called the Jerusalem of Aegean Sea. We’ll visit the Big Monastery (You may see its picture aside) where St.John wrote his ’’Book of Revelation’’ and the cave he lived in. We’ll, then, set our sails for Mykonos which’s well known for its night life, sophisticated and integrated with culture. We’re suggesting you to be attentive to see a Holywood star passing by you any moment. From Mykonos, we’ll carry on to the island Delos which was filled with historical monuments 7. century B.C. where Apollon was born and there, we’ll see the Lions Terrace which’s protecting the holy lake. After Delos, we’ll direct our sails towards Amorgos. Having eaten our fish on the blue tables set by the sea, we’ll, then, see around the island which’s full of beautiful coasts and full of history and take pace to end our journey in Bodrum.



Blue Voyage 1

Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris

We’re starting our tour which’ll be remembered by you for years by Marmaris., we’re starting our adventure in the canals of Ekincik and Dalyan. in Monastery Bay, a swimming period in Ölü Deniz (Dead Sea) which’s full blue and the ants drink water there, we’re transferring our guests who would like to stroll down the Valley of Butterflies to the land by Zodiac. Göcek,, you may watch the splendid sunset at Babaada inlets, sip your wine alongwith fish., we visit Kumlubük and Turunç bays, return to Marmaris.  

Blue Voyage 2

Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum

We’re starting a Blue Voyage which’s dreamed of everybody., we’re leaving Bodrum and set our sails towards the Island Orak. we stop by Orak Island and Çökertme. We’re enjoying the sea at the wonderful inlets and taste the superb dishes prepared by our cook. Çatı and Yedi Adalar and Küfre Tour are pursued by us. we’re throwing ourselves into the full blue waters in the inlets of Sedir Adası and Karacasöğüt which have wonderful scenery. we visit İngiliz Limanı (the English Port) and Löngöz, we do the tours of Kerme Bay, Karaada, we return to Bodrum.  

Blue Voyage 3           Antalya - Kaş - Antalya

We’re starting our tour in which you’ll both entertain live with the nature and the history from Antalya. we’re visiting Phaselis which has 3 inlets, 1 port and an antique city, Olympos and Adrasan Çavuş Bay where you’ll see the all turquoise colours. we’re moving towards Demre where we’re going to visit St. Claus’s house and Aya Nikola where a splendid sunset can be seen. We call at Gökkaya Bay to finish off our day and we visit Kekova Island and Kaş. we swim by Üç Ağız Bay and Simena in full blue waters and stay there. we call at Finike, eat our delicious dishes which were prepared by our cook. we’re completing our tour by Altıcak Bay and Sıçan Adası and starting our return journey to Antalya. we complete the tour in Antalya.   

Gocek Based Fethiye Diving Tour

Aşı Inlet - Butterflies Valley - Island of Pomegranate - Big Reef - Small Reef - Turkish Bath - Af Tower Cave

You may experience your diving adventure with our –CMAS-3- star holding trainer and frog men. This is an excellent opportunity for you to live your love of underwater fully. At the end of the course, the attendants will be awarded with CMAS-1 diver certificate and PADI diploma.

The Sceneries of the Red Sea