Dear Leo,

Im glad to participate once again in a regatta on an Argolis yacht. Taking into consideration our longstanding relations that have become almost like family ties, I hope that youll do your best to make yacht Elizabeta that is going to sail soon the most prepared for a difficult journey. I know that Argolis pays special attention to preparation of charter yachts. However, taking into account our long-term relations, I would use this opportunity to point out some particular details that sometimes turn out to be incomplete before the journey.

The accumulator. I would like it to be in a good shape and to be able to keep working during at least 12 hours. You know that this is a sailing regatta and its rules prohibit turning on the engine. However, sometimes some competitors do it, justifying it by the necessity to charge the accumulator. Thus, by providing us with a good accumulator, you would free us from the necessity to make excuses to our competitors.

As you know, during the regatta the engine is usually turned off (of course, if the accumulator is alright), and in order to keep up the competitive spirit members of the crew often listen to the music. So I have an urgent request to you: make sure that the loud speakers of the audio center (radio CD / Tape), located on the outside, are properly working as well as the center itself.

GPS is a very smart device that should be properly working, as well as the chart-plotter provided with it. Since our aim is to win the first place in the regatta, we really need this device, so I kindly ask you to make sure it works. Please dont forget provide us proper CD with maps.
I would be very upset if the autopilot system didnt work. As you know Im overweight and I need this device particularly much. Otherwise we wont get the first place. Please, do you best to make sure it works.

Furthermore, I would like to pay special attention to the gas oven. All the previous times we rented yachts from you, the gas oven didnt work properly. I would like to remind you that we had to resort to various devices that seriously complicated our life. I would dare to remind you, Leo, that nutrition plays an important role in our Greek holidays, I would say a vital role. A gas oven that doesnt work would mean to me a significant breach of our charter contract. Though I hope that this reminder is not necessary since you must have fixed all during the six long winter months. Yeah, its another extra reminder dont forget to fill in the gas-cylinders.

In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the proper working conditions of WC and shower cabins, including those situated at the stern. As you know we like to swim a lot, so the shower at the stern helps us to get rid from the sea salt.
See you soon, Leo. Were coming on the 27th of April, so we shall be able to solve together with you all the possible problems that might appear. As you know, most participants arrive on the 28th , so well have the time to do it.

Kind regards,
Alexander Klevtsov.