Расстояния между портами в морских милях

Gocek is a small village in an idyllic setting, in the corner of a well-protected bay with pine covered hills on the three sides. When you charter a yacht from Gocek one can truly say " the holiday begins as you leave Dalaman airport for the 20 minute drive to Gocek". There are numerous small almost undiscovered bays and islands within a very short sailing distance. The surroundings are unique with their natural beauties and traces of past civilisations. It is the place for every mariner with the desire to explore.

Marmaris is a perfect cruising area, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meet. It is a comer of paradise, where one can enjoy the hues of the green and blue year around in the Bay of Marmaris. Surrounded by Gokova Bay in the North the Mediterranean in the South, Datca in the West and Koycegiz in the East, typical with its long shoreline, Marmaris is a natural harbour.
The fjord-like Bay of Marmaris is hemmed in by rolling pine-covered hills, which sweep around to form a stunning and dramatic backdrop to the resorts.

Bodrum, known as Halicarnassus in ancient times, Bodrum is the birth place of the father of history; Herodotus and the site of King Mausolus's Tomb (4th century BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; The Mausoleum.
The first tourism activities in the region started as the mystery and power of art revealed by these artisans. The excitement starts as soon as the night falls over the city. Small streets packed with people wandering around and music coming out of the bars and clubs are an irresistible invitation for non-stop fun till the sun comes up.

A perfect way to explore the beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean coast of Turkey, gulet cruising offers new shipboard adventures and new sights every day. Gulets are attractive, traditional wooden vessels. They have a crew who plan the voyage, navigate and sail the ship and do all the work, including the cooking and cleaning. The captain creates a warm sociable atmosphere, whilst you discover the breathtaking coastline. You can help to crew if you wish, but the relaxation of the forward sun deck or snorkelling in the beautiful bays and the delights of a cool and crystal clear sea are far more attractive to most.

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Dalaman аэропорт - марина
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Mini Bus (14) Göcek
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Milas аэропорт - марина
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Mini Bus (14) Turgutreis
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